Meaning of varied diet

Studies show that people whose diets are healthier and more varied live longer and are less susceptible to diseases. Food choices affect the risks of developing diseases like heart disease, cancer and diabetes. Products, in particular vegetables and fruits, contain a large amount of natural substances known as phytochemicals. Currently, scientists are aware of more than 12,000 such substances, many of which are believed to prevent the development of cancer and heart disease.

Fruits. They are convenient to carry with them for a snack, they can also be included in most dishes. Whole fresh fruits are preferable to fruit juices and beverages, since juices and drinks contain less good fiber.

Vegetables and legumes. Raw or cooked vegetables can be used as a snack or as part of lunch and dinner. Salad vegetables can be used as a filling for sandwiches. Vegetable soup can make your lunch healthy. Vegetable patties or vegetable stews will fill the evening meals with nutrients. Try raw vegetables such as carrots or celery sticks for on-the-go snacking.

Meat, fish, poultry, eggs, nuts. They satisfy the need for proteins, it is not at all difficult to include products of this group in dishes or to use them as snacks.

Bread, cereals, rice, pasta. Sources of grains and cereals are oats (muesli and whole grain cereals), bread and wholemeal pastries, rice, barley, corn and various pasta varieties.

Dairy and dairy products, cheeses. Eat a variety of dairy products every day, such as milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, and various types of cheese.


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