Next morning hungover

As you know, hungover syndrome promises you such troubles as nausea and thirst, headache and dizziness. Why do these unpleasant symptoms occur? First of all, the quality of what is drunk plays its part: the consumed drinks may contain harmful impurities (like fusel oils). Secondly, it is important and the amount drunk. Let's consider: the maximum allowable (not leading in most cases to death) for a healthy body dose of alcohol per kg of body weight - 6 ml, consumed within 4-5 hours.
And what really happens? Most celebrants take on the chest all this alcohol almost the first hour of the feast. What happens next? Alcohol, penetrating into all organs and systems, including the cells of the brain, causes swelling and increases intracranial pressure. The electrolyte and acid-base balance in the body is impaired, leading to severe dehydration (this is where the excruciating thirst is).

That is why the next morning you are shivering, you feel weak, the head does not work well, the body does not obey, you feel emotional depression. 

How to quickly recover from the holidays
1. Drink more liquid.
Any non-alcoholic drinks will do, but I would advise you to quench your thirst with mineral water - it will help you quickly restore electrolyte balance. You can add lemon juice to water - you will not only pump your muscles while you squeeze this fruit, but also help your body get the necessary vitamin C, which also has an antioxidant effect. Do not hesitate, drink more, to quickly remove toxins from the body.

2. Take a douche
The alternation of cold and hot (without fanaticism) water will help to cheer up and activate the metabolism. If you want to temper on a regular basis - here's a guide for beginners.

3. Get rid of a headache.
I do not doubt your strength and endurance, but it is better to get rid of a headache than to endure it. Try to drink hot tea - black or green - and go for a walk. So your brain will be saturated with oxygen, your head will “clear up”. If the headache still does not go away, take an anesthetic drug based on aspirin or paracetamol in order to quickly recover.



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