New Year Feast Fruits

You can see bananas, tangerines and oranges on all the New Year's tables in the world.
But what do we know about these popular fruits?

The best mandarin is considered to be the one that weighs a lot, despite its small size. Sour tangerines a little more flattened than the rest. Clementines are more fragrant and sweet tangerines, and this variety is stored for more than 1 month. And in general, when storing a mandarin, the main thing to remember is to prevent it from drying out.

The composition looks like this: 0.6-1.1% citric acid, sugar, vitamins - - A, D, K, B4, thiamine and vitamin C, the skin contains 1-2% of essential oils and carotene. Mandarin contains Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Phosphorus, Sodium and Potassium. Its main composition is water, which in tangerines is 85-87%.
Banana is considered very high in calories - 100 grams of product contain 95 kcal. By consuming the fruit in moderation, you can save the shape and get the necessary vitamins - B1, A1, B9, B12 and C. Banana contains potassium, fructose, sucrose and glucose. Thanks to the beneficial substances it is an excellent source of energy, so it is often used by athletes. Potassium prevents the body from excess fluid, and B vitamins help smokers to get rid of their bad habit.

In the end, we want to say that it is not recommended to abuse sweet fruits during the festive tables, this will only lead to the accumulation of additional calories. But here citruses will help you to digest any treats.


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