Preparing for New Year dinner

We look forward to the holidays. And the last thing we think about is that these days will be a lot of stress for our body.

According to the established tradition, we are trying to put on the table all the most delicious, fat, and that during the year, as a rule, we can not afford the daily menu.

Do not go on a diet for weight loss just before the holiday (which is no secret, we all want to look stunning, well, at least for the New Year). Fasting day should be done only after the party.

You should not limit yourself to food all day (December 31) (and this often happens when we are cooking) and wait until the bells chime to eat enough. Otherwise, sitting on an empty stomach at a rich table with alcoholic beverages, you risk not only to eat, but your liver can not cope with even a small amount of alcohol.

Remember that the most unpleasant hangover sensations are caused by whiskey and tequila (as they contain special fusel oils to impart a flavor and aroma), as well as all types of sparkling wines, including champagne (this is due to the presence of sugar in them and carbon dioxide). Red wine and dark beer can also cause severe headache the next morning (due to the high content of tyramine - a substance that causes a violation of the tone of the blood vessels of the brain). The most rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream drinks containing 20-30% alcohol.

When choosing dishes on a festive table, it is better to replace fatty meat with fatty fish (it is useful thanks to omega-3 fatty acids), to prefer lean meat dishes (for example, beef, chicken, turkey), and vegetables. This is due to the fact that fatty meat food (goose, duck, lamb, fatty pork) increases the load on the liver, which is already occupied by a multi-stage process of splitting alcohol.

To enhance the metabolic processes in the body (to improve the processing of alcohol and the splitting of food products), it is good to eat foods that contain a lot of organic acids - these are all fruits and vegetables that have a sour taste (this taste is due to citric, malic, tartaric and other important organic acids).

Between the change of dishes it is better to drink green tea, which activates the receptors of fat cells and contributes to their breakdown (thanks to caffeine and catechins). It is better to drink tea with honey, because fructose, glucose and organic acids, which honey is rich with, intensify the breakdown of toxic products of alcohol metabolism (acetaldehydes).


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