Invention of white chocolate

The fruit of the Cocoa tree has been used for food since immemorial time, and the first chocolate was made 4000 years ago.
White chocolate is much, much younger - it is only 90 years old. It was invented in the 30s of the last century by Nestlé. In the Soviet Union, such products were not available at all, so we can say that in the post-Soviet environment, white chocolate appeared only 20-30 years ago.

This young chocolate is referred to as the sweetest and “unhealthy” dessert. And the truth is, it does not have pros that dark chocolate has, as it does not contain cocoa. But it has it's own positive qualities.

Following to the classic recipe, it should contain 20% cocoa butter, 14% powdered milk, 3.5% milk fat. And most importantly, white chocolate does not contain caffeine. The substance is tannin, methyl xanine, which is why it is very good for the skin and is a very good cosmetic product.

White chocolate tastes more like condensed milk than bitter cocoa, sometimes its taste is completely artificial.

No matter how much white chocolate is scolded, it still remains very tasty and it will be difficult for sweet lovers to refuse it.


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