Giving apples to teachers

The forbidden apple of Eden, the Newtonian apple, the apple from the world of technology, what else can you remember of an apple?

Do you remember how Pinocchio went to the school for the first time, eating an apple? In England and in Europe there is even a tradition - to give apples to teachers.

An apple is indeed a very useful fruit, both for seniors and children. Not only because of its components, but also because of its properties. A non-sour apple is a good breakfast, as it gives us the necessary calories for daytime energy, cleans teeth, delivers water to the body, etc. Vitamins and iron, which contains an apple, enrich the blood and strengthen the immune system. Therefore, it is so useful for children and is an ideal breakfast or lunch.

Apple and education have another connection. In Denmark and Sweden, for 16-18 centuries, teachers had very low salaries and, as the peasants also had a hard time, study was often paid for with baskets of apples. And good teachers kept apples for children.

As now, the school began in the autumn period, just as the apples was being harvested. After that, giving teachers apples became a tradition.


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