Feijoa Compote

It is no secret that a lot of tropical fruits grow in western Georgia, and among them Pheijoa proudly takes its place. This fruit, high in iodine and vitamin C, originally from Brazil, was first discovered by the Portuguese scientist João da Silva Feijo, after whom it was named Feijoa.

Due to the high content of iodine and essential oils, feijoa is especially useful during the winter and autumn to protect against colds and viruses. And November is just the right  time when you can make a delicious jam or compote from Feijoa.

Compote from Feijoa is very simple to prepare, you need proportions:
500 gr. Feijoa, 200 (150) gr. Sugar for 2 liters of water. First you need to cook sugar syrup, which is poured on the washed feijoa. Liquid with fruit is twisted in cans and stored until winter.

Do not be lazy and make yourself and the whole family a delicious gift for the whole winter.


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