Batat - Sweet Potatoes

Batat is a sweet potato, but its qualities are very different from simple potatoes. In truth, it is only visually similar to his non-sweet fellow, in fact it is a different plant with everything. Its taste is most likely similar to a pumpkin. The sweet potato fruit is the root growth of a small bush. Themselves "potatoes" can reach a weight of 200 grams. up to 3 kg.

The homeland of the sweet potato is Colombia and Peru, but today the largest producers are China and India. There are up to 100 unofficial varieties of Batat, which are mostly different in colors. You can eat both raw, fried and boiled sweet potatoes. 

Contains A, B1, B2, B6, C and PP vitamins.
Due to the high sugar content of the Batat, sugar and also alcohol are produced from it.


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