Types of meat

Even though people around the world eat all kinds of animal meat, Georgians prefer to have only beef, pork, mutton, and poultry for dinner.

Meat quality depends on many factors and the animal age is one of those factors. High-quality meat is considered to be a calf and cow before the age of 5. Pig tastes best from 7 to 10 months old, while mutton is better to have before the sheep reaches 2 years of age.

If you are a vegetarian and inclined to fainting, you'll find it hard to read this post down to the end. However, still consider that meat consists of Vitamins B and D, which are vital for your health.

Georgians mostly eat beef – both boiled and roasted. Kharcho, Chakapuli, and Tolma taste best made out of beef. The human body absorbs 83% of the beef. 

We have a very special love towards pork and it’s always an honorable member of a party delights. Pork barbeques enjoy the highest demand in the local restaurants. The human body absorbs its 97% - almost all of the pork fat.

Mutton is the least digested among meat types, but nothing compares to Shila Plov made out of it.

We have a large number of poultry meals in the Georgian kitchen. Satsivi is the most significant poultry dish here as it's always associated with the New Year's party.

Meat loses its health benefits after freezing, so the frozen meat is low in quality.