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Hot summer our body suffers from dehydration, so drinking water is sometimes vital and necessary. Although there is a list of fruits and vegetables that contain record amounts of water.
In the first place is a cucumber, which is 96% water, the rest is calcium, soda, potasium, and magnesium. Because of its composition, this product is unique and very effective in helping the body restore water balance in the cells. Cucumber is not replaceable during a hangover, dishes prepared from it quickly bring you up.

In second place - lettuce, 95% water. It well moisturizes the body and nourishes the necessary minerals. Eat lettuce - almost the same as drinking water.

Third place - Watermelon with its 92%. It contains many vitamins, but most of all ascorbic acid, that is, vitamins C. It also contains sugar, of which 6%, but this is not so much that there is a reason to refrain from watermelon.

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