Melon is a herbaceous plant from the pumpkin family. Characterized by a round stalk and large leaves. Its fruit will be distinguished by a large amount of liquid and a unique aroma. Homeland of melon is middle and small Asia. The following species are known: snake-like, decorative Chinese. The most common is the simple melon of Supsa.
Melon loves heat, withstands drought.
The fruit contains a lot of sugar (16-18%), but it is still dietary. Contains C vitamin, carotene, pectic substances and mineral salts. It is used as raw and in dry form.
You can find big variety of Melon in jams, candied fruits, marmalade and many other food additives.
The following kinds of melons are listed in Georgia: Megrelian, Muhian, "mshveneba" and "kolkhoznitsa".
Latin name: Cucumis

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