Tuta (Mulberry)

Tuta is the deciduous tree of the mulberries family. Grows in eastern and southeast Asia, southern Europe and central America. The mulberry familly owns about 24 species of Tuta.

In Georgia, you can find 2 types of tuta - white and black "hartuta." White tuta in Georgia is growned since ancient times. It's homeland is China. It grows on the plains, and wild tuta can be found throughout the country. Loves the light and can withstand the drought. In natural conditions a tree of tuta can live from 200 to 500 years. Tuta is used as an ornamental plant.
Her fruit can contain more than 10% of sugar. Breeders brought out additional 4 subspecies of tuta, which are more difficult to give in to diseases and have 1.5-2.5 times more leaves. Khartuta usually grows in eastern Georgia, and also occurs in the forests.
Tuta is used to prevent many diseases.

Latin name: Morus alba and Morus nigra


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