Green Plum

Green Plum is a perennial plant from the family of rosaceae. Occurs in Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia. It grows at 500-700 meters above sea level, loves the sun. It is quite difficult to cultivate, because with the help of seeds (pip) the tree completely changes and does not give fruits useful for food. A suitable method of reproduction is considered to be vegetative, which requires experience and time. For this reason, Green Plum is on the path of extinction.

In Georgia,Green Plum is used for food since ancient times, there are 2 species - Mechibuhe and Imeruli.
It Contains vitamins: B, C, E, P, and PP; 13% sugar, 5% organic acids, 1.5% pectin.
Green Plum treats blindness, helps with constipation, cleanses blood, lowers prothrombin.

Latin name: Prunus Vachuschtii


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