Preparations for winter start with brewing compotes. Compotes are made of various ingredients, but the assorted fruit compote is particularly delicious. You'll need the following ingredients:

500g fruits (choose with your own fantasy) 
1 liter of water
1,5-2 gr lemon acid

Preparation: bring the water to boiling. Add sugar, lemon acid and cleaned and cut fruits. Boil to 7 to 10 minutes (until the apple gets soft).

Tangerine compote has an intense but pleasant aroma. If you brew it together with apples, the distinct citrus taste will fade.

Peel the tangerine and separate it into pieces; then get rid of the white piping and cut very thinly; then pour a cup of water, boil and move it on a sieve.

Place your sugar in a pot, add 2 cups of boiled water, stir and add the tangerine zest and cleaned apple. Place on a stove and boil for 10 minutes on a low fire. When it's ready add the tangerine to the compote and a part of your winter reserves is ready.

Black grapes compote is one of the rarest compote varieties. You'll need following ingredients for it:

500g black grapes (Isabella or any other)
3 teaspoon of sugar

Get rid of the grapes stem, wash the beads and throw in a 3-liter jar. Then add sugar and in few minutes pour the water. Try to fill up the pot to the end, cover the lid and boil for 20 minutes.