Easter table in Georgia

Of course, the main components of the table are paska - Easter bread and red-dyed eggs. Both members of this duet allow us to be creative. We can decorate paska with black or white glaze and set a lace around.

Extending paska recipe with cottage cheese is an experience of many years. By using dry and high fat cottage cheese, together with fruits and condensed milk, we can make a number of paskas. We will need fruits, cottage cheese and patience for three days. Paska made out of cottage cheese is a real celebration of Easter table, as it brings the whiteness of snow and happy faces.

Any type of paska is garnished with red eggs on any Easter table, while their ensemble is garnished with Easter grass, which lives in a beautiful dish and waits for its moment to shine. Decorating red eggs have already been a tradition in many families. It can be done with herb leaves, or with laces.

Roast chicken and national sweet – Churchkhela are usual guests at Easter table. It is dominated by various shades of the colour red. The above-mentioned cottage cheese paska will beautifully find its place in this red celebration.



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