Food in April

In the second month of spring, our body, like all nature, finally awakens after a winter sleep. Energy and joy is greatly increased, but you still need to be careful, as colds and viruses walk the streets. In addition, your body can suffer from vitamin defiency. Proceeding from all this, it is necessary to continue to strengthen immunity, take vitamins and create a spring mood.

Greens - starting with parsley and coriander, ending with spinach, everything is recommended. It is rich in micro and macro elements. Iron, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, calcium and many other substances affect the construction of our immunity.

Fish - is a direct source of A and E vitamins. It is not necessary to consume the most expensive fish. It is enough to cook mackerel, hake or other fish that will give us the right amount of vitamins and nutrients.

Dried fruits apricots and plums, apples and hazelnuts are products that can remain in our stores since autumn. April - this is the month when you can use all available supplies, as soon as there will be fresh fruit.

Eat healthy and enjoy the spring!


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