Feeding Einstein's Brain

It is believed that Albert Einstein is the greatest brain and mind of all time in the history of mankind.

We want to share with you, about what dish Einstein loved most and how he fed his clever brain.

Einstein believed that to feed the brain you need a lot of proteins and calories, which he found, more often, in a mushroom omelet.

We offer you a favorite recipe for a genius, for this you will need:
5 eggs
250 gr. Mushrooms
1 onion
1 clove of garlic
80 gr. Soft cheese (in our case sulguni)
30 gr. Oils
½ tablespoon of olive oil
Salt, pepper - to taste
Oregano, basil, coriander, mint - to taste.

Finely chopped onions and mushrooms stew in a pan with olive oil. Add the grated garlic. Stew on low heat until the onion changes color (about 15 minutes). Add butter.
Separately we beat eggs together with seasonings. Fill mushrooms with egg mass and after about 1 minute sprinkle cheese on top. Cover the lid and wait until the cheese melts.

Enjoy in the morning, in order that the energy and calories you have gained would be enough for your brain until late in the evening.


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