Avocado can stay fresh on the trees

Did you know?

Avocado won’t get ripe on the tree. If you want to use this exotic fruit, you have to pick it from the tree and wait for a while until it gets ripe.

The avocado tree performs a warehouse function. The unpicked fruit can be stored for a couple months.


After the fruit is being picked, it will get ripe very quickly and you are only allowed to store it for 2 weeks. If you cut the avocado, you can store it up to 3 days, and if you freeze it, the saving time can go up to 2 months.


Advice: if you want to store avocado after cutting it, it’s better to leave the pip inside, grease with lemon to avoid blackening and store in a plastic bag. This way you can store the fruit up to one week.


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