himalayan salt

Pink rock salt, which is mined in Pakistan, 310 kilometers from the Himalayan mountains. Accumulations were formed during the Jurassic period, with the help of volcanic processes caused by the collision of lithospheric plates of Asia and India, as well as the Himalayan mountain chain itself.
Himalayan salt is a useful and natural product. Without any additives and treatments, it has its own flavor and slightly sweet taste.
Is digestible by 100%. Proceeding from this: it improves the blood circulation of the blood, lowers the pressure, clears the body of toxins, removes heavy metals and has many other useful properties.
Pink color is due to the large content of trace elements. Its benefits have not yet been fully explored, but the fact that Himalayan salt, like any stone stalt, is useful only with modest amounts, if there is no other medical purpose.


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