Oregano - Tavshava in Georgia

In Georgia, oregano is recognized as a Tavshava, and this is one of its 96 subspecies. Oregano is found near the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, on the territory of Europe and Russia. 

Without Oregano it is impossible to imagine Italian pizza and pasta, since its flavor is very well complemented by tomato.
This unusual smell is due to essential oils, which are abundant in oregano. They have a big effect on the human body, both negative and positive. Use oregano in moderation, otherwise it's possible to achieve not desired results: irritation of the gastrointestinal tract, headaches, pregnancy suspension and much more.

Oregano is rich with K vitamin and contains a lot of acids, which when used correctly serve as an anesthetic, antiseptic, acts as a sedative, sleep regulator, helps us in the processing of food, cleanses the body of poisons and unwanted substances. According to the latest studies, the broth of oregano interferes with the development of cancer cells.

According to legend, the hunters wew following the wounded deer, who instead of hiding in the forest, ran out into the field. After the deer ate an unknown grass for the hunters, the arrows fell out of his skin, and the wounds healed. The recovered deer ran away towards the forest.

Such miracles can create oregano and it is not for nothing that the ancient Greeks called it "mountain beauty"

Eat oregano in proper doses, and you will always feel better and healthier!


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