Ideas for Lunch - Pasta

Throughout the days, especially weekdays, we have to prepare lunch no matter where we are, at work or at home.


We offer you an easy and interesting idea for your lunch:

If you have meetings with different people, your dinner must be full with starch, which will give you the necessary energy and not remind you about your hunger.


Macaroni or spaghetti



Soy sauce

Sesame grain


Salt and spices with taste


Start boiling spaghetti beforehand. Separately stew chopped onion and grated carrots in a pan. Add sesame seeds and soy sauce with little water. Boil the ingredients and add spaghetti or macaroni afterwards.


You can either store your dinner in a lunch box and serve throughout the day, or enjoy in the very moment.


Advice: don’t fully boil the macaroni if you want it not to loose shape during the day.

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