Olive is one of the oldest cultural plants. It has a symbolic and ritual load. It is mentioned in the sources of ancient history as well as in the Bible.

Olive is distinguished with many medicinal properties. It is enriched with carotene. Contains В, А, Е, РР vitamins. Also useful minerals - potassium, calcium, sodium and phosphorus. 100 grams of olives contain about 115 calories.

Olives improve blood circulation, reduce the amount of cholesterol in the blood. They are very helpful in heart disease. Olives reduce the risk of infarction, thrombosis, cancer, and Alzheimer.

There are many types of olives. Most prefer the Greek and Spanish product. The most common ones in Georgia are black olives, but you can find green and red (pickled in red wine) ones also.

In spite of its useful properties, olives are not recommended in a large amount. The main reason is that the product is used only in pickled form and contains a large amount of salt.


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