How to cut onions without crying

Onion is the important ingredient of dishes as it gives its special taste and aroma. It's hard to cope without tears but turns out it's still possible to avoid this clearly unpleasant process.   

Onion is a bulb consisting of volatile substances - the major cause of our tears.
To avoid crying here are few rules to consider:

- The most primitive, but effective among the advices are wearing glasses when cutting onions. It creates an artificial barrier between the substances and your eyes and hampers their intersection.  

- Experienced cooks prefer the following method – they frequently soak their knives and onions in the water. Volatile substances get in reaction with the water and hamper their ejection. It would be practical if you keep close to the tap when cutting, as you could frequently wet your hands as well.

- Place the onions in the freezer for 10 minutes before cutting. Cold air and humidity hamper the ejection of volatile substances.

- Grease knife in some vinegar before using. Don't worry – your dish will have neither taste nor smell of the vinegar.  

- Try chewing gum when cutting the onions. Chewing stimulates working of all the facial muscles and prevents from tear flow.