Shrimp rolls

Light summer snack – shrimp spring rolls. Preparation will take less than one hour, and as a sauce you can use the mix of ginger and soy sauce.


8 rice papers

16 shrimps

Rice vermicelli - 100 gr.

Purple cabbage - 250 gr.

Green pepper - 2 pieces

Carrot - 2 pieces

Cucumber - 2 pieces

Celery - 40 gr.

Rice vinegar - 2 tbsp.

Soy sauce - 2 tbsp.

White dry wine - 3 cups

One lime juice

Bay leaf - 2 pieces


Clean shrimps. Pour in saucepan wine and 4 cups of water. Add bay leaves and salt. Bring to a simmer and cook shrimps for 4 minutes. Pour shrimps with ice water.

Cook vermicelli in the same water for 8 minutes. Drain afterwards.

Slice vegetables. Mix vinegar and soy sauce and dip vegetables in this mixture.

Dip each rice paper in warm water.

Place vegetables, vermicelli, celery, and two shrimps in each rice paper and wrap it.

Serve with desired sauce. 

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