Originating from the Eastern Asia - soy is now spread all over the world. The first soy-

producing country was China and was later spread to Korea. Japanese started soy 

cultivation about 500-400 years B.C. and only in 1740 has it reached Europe and 

France in particular.   


Soy is rich in protein and is greatly valued for it. It also consists of carbohydrates and 

fat and based on these qualities soy is often used as a substitute for the meat products 

and is very popular in Vegetarian culinary. 

Processed soy is the best animal food.


Soybeans are used for producing fermented pasta “Miso” which is used in Miso soup.

On the basis of the soy milk, various kinds of butter, sauces, sweets, beverages are made and 

most importantly it’s used for “tofu” – also called as “soy cheese”. Soy has an essential 

quality of absorbing other aromas and completely losing its own taste and smell. 

Because of this, soy is often used in pasties, sausages, ragus and other meat dishes.  


Soybeans are also used for producing Okara – yellowish cottage-cheese sort of 

product, which is made of boiling and mincing dump beans. Okara has no taste or smell 

and is ideal for preparing a vegetarian and fasting version of the meat dishes, like cutlets, 

meatballs, fillings for pastries, etc.


Asian soy sauce is one of the popular soy products and is used for pickling and 

preparing all sorts of dishes.  


Please consider that soy is one of the most frequently gene-modified products and you 

have to carefully read the packaging before purchasing it.