What to look for when buying meat

     Meat is a popular product with always a high demand for it. Beef and pork are most consumed these days. Rabbit meat is quite rare in shops, while you'll find it almost impossible to get a sheep meat somewhere in town. As contaminated meat is dangerous for the human body, we should be aware of those general characteristics which make it easier to recognize fresh meat against the inedible one.

     Do not purchase meat which has a sticky surface; which doesn't return its previous shape after pressing with a finger, if it doesn't smell nice; if meat is easily detached from its bones; if meat has a very dark color and the fat is yellow; if the meat is not flexible and extendable; if you notice hemorrhage and blue spots on it; if the meat is wet and liquid still runs out of it (which means it was frozen and is melting now).  

     One should never freeze already defrosted meat, as there is a chance of contaminating the product with microbes and bacteria. Defrosted meat should be cooked immediately. If meat or its wrapping material is covered with pink ice crystals, it means the product was already frosted and defrosted several times.

     Healthy and high-quality meat can be preserved in the fridge throughout a year on the – 40 degree. Please keep in mind, that defrosting normally takes up to few hours and it is only recommended for the room temperature or the lower shelves of the fridge.

     Be advised not to purchase your meat at the suspicious areas. Avoid buying frozen meat, as there is always a chance that it was defrosted several times and is even rotten, which can be checked only after defrosting it. Please get a meat at specialized shops and supermarkets, where customers are served with a veterinary-certified fresh products.