Grapefruit is really healthy citrus. It emerged after accident hybridization of pomelo and orange. The hybrid fruit, then called "the forbidden fruit", was first documented in 1750 by a Welshman, Rev. Griffith Hughes.

There are about 20 species of the grapefruit. Some of them are white or yellow, some – pink or red. Red citruses are sweeter that white and yellow.

Grapefruit is considered as diet fruit. It contains only 32 calories. Also vitamins - А, РР, С, D, В1, B2, B9, and minerals - potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, sodium, iodine, iron, manganese, zinc, and fluorine.

Grapefruit ejects cholesterol from the body, helps to decrease the level of sugar. Mix of freshly squeezed grapefruit, orange and lemon juice is really necessary for pregnant women, especially in winter. Grapefruit calms the nervous system, helps normal sleep and heels the head ache.

Grapefruit is good in case you want to lose some weight – just eat one fruit or drink fresh juice 15-20 minutes before meal. 


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