Tomato is one of the widely spread and popular vegetables. The name comes from Italian pomod’oro meaning "golden apple," when English name – tomato comes from Aztec "tomatl".

The homeland of tomato is mountainous Peru and Ecuador. After discovering the continent of America the plant has traveled to Spain and Portugal and was at first cultivated as a decorative plant. Interesting fact about tomato is that botanically it belongs to the berry family. Today there are about 75 000 types of tomatoes in the world with all different colors, shapes, textures and tastes.   

Tomato consists of lycopene - one of the strongest carotenoid and antioxidant. It hampers negative radicals and defends the body from their negative impact. Lycopene also preserves its DNA structure and hinders risk of cancer. In order to make the body fully absorb lycopene, tomato should be consumed together with oil (e.g. sunflower or olive oil).

Tomato is tasty, healthy and easily available product. It's good in salads, sauces, pastries, canned, etc. Popular Ketchup, tomato paste, and tomato juice are all made of tomato. Tomato marinade is one of the favorite products, made both of ripe and green tomatoes. Italians dry it and keep it in olive oil together with spices, nothing to say about pizza, which is impossible to imagine without a tomato sauce. In Spain, people love cold tomato soups such as Gazpacho and Salmorejo. Also, Spanish town Bunol annually hosts tomato festival – Tomatina - attracting tourist from all around the world.