Dining etiquette


Different countries have different rules of behavior at the dining table. In spite of this, there is a universal etiquette, which will help you to be on top at any dinner party.

We decided to share the most basic rules of behavior at the table:

  1. One of the main rules of table etiquette – cutlery, which is located to the left of the plate, is intended only for the left hand, from the right - to the right hand. Do not use a fork with the right hand or eat from the knife.
  2. Never transfer cutlery from one place to another before you start the meal.
  3. A huge number of cutlery often scares people, but it is actually very simple - the cutlery that is furthest away from the plate is intended for cold appetizers. The following - for fish, and those that are closest to the plate - for the main course. Dessert cutlery is located over the plate. There are also general rules - a knife and spoon are held in the right hand and a fork – in the left.
  4. Do not take a food from sharing plate with your personal cutlery.
  5.  Holding the knife in the right hand, the index finger should be on the handle rather than the back of the blade.
  6. Do not pre-cut food into portions. It is recommended not to cut off more than two pieces.
  7. It is not acceptable to fill the soup spoon to the brim and even more so to blow on it.
  8. Do not bite or but bread, break off small pieces with hands.
  9. Do not rest your elbows on the table.
  10. Do not use a toothpick at the table.
  11. If you have finished the meal, place the knife and fork parallel to each other on the right handle.



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