Indian cuisine

We are confident that the chicken curry, is a favorite dish for many of you. Our today's topic will be interesting for those who love Indian cuisine.

Religion greatly influenced the gastronomic preferences of India - in this country almost do not eat pork and beef. Geographic features give us the opportunity to enjoy a variety of dishes in different regions.

In the north are the most common dishes of lamb - Gushtaba, Biryani. The south of India prefers vegetables, while the west is rich in seafood. In the south-west of the country are many vegetarians. They exclude from their diet not only meet and fish but eggs, too.

Indian food is rich in traditional spices - cinnamon, nutmeg, coriander, cardamom, turmeric, cumin, etc. In different regions use different combinations of seasonings, though curry is still the most popular. An indispensable element of Indian food - coconut milk. People use it to sweeten or soften sauces.

The most popular drink in India is tea. They also drink water with lemon juice and call it – Nambu-pani. They also make drinks with coconut milk.

Indians are not allowed to drink alcohol during their meal, but they make exceptions for tourists.


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