Georgians' most favored legume is red beans, or as they call it - Lobio. 

Beans became known to the world only after discovering America, however now they 

are spread all over the planet in large cultural varieties. 

Europeans cook both red and white beans on a daily basis. Various European soups, 

pasties, salads, dips and pies are made of beans. 

Most popular bean soups are Ribollita Toscana – soup with olive oil, stewed beans and 

flour; Chili Con Carne – bean and minced meat dish from Mexican and Texan kitchens. 

Long ago South and Central Americans were first to discover a secret of cooking beans 

with corn and chili pepper, one of the varieties of which is Mexican Burrito. It may sound 

strange, but modern culinary has recipes for even bean desserts like muffins and 


Beans take quite a respectful place in the Georgian kitchen. Each Georgian region has 

its own recipe for beans and all of them are extremely interesting. 

In Kakheti, red beans are made of few sorts of greens, laurel, and black pepper. They 

also cook so called Kirkazh – Bean soup with raw onions, herbs, and sunflower oil. 

Sometimes beans are prepared with beaten eggs or tomatoes. 

Western Georgians cook Lobio with fresh herbs and dried spices, while walnut-mixed 

beans are usually made for various festivities. 

One of the most delicious Lobio in Georgia is pot-baked beans garnished with clay pot 

corn bread, marinade and fresh herbs. 

Racha - the mountainous region of Georgia has a very special, outstanding bean culture. 

Racha cooks bake beans in the same pot with ham, which gifts the dish with 

unforgettable taste and aroma. Racha is a birthplace of Lobiani – a sort of a bean pie. 

Baking Lobiani is a special ritual here.  Beans for Lobiani filling are usually skinless and 

is baked in pork fat.