Transfiguration of Jesus holiday feast

August 19 Orthodox community celebrates the Transfiguration of Christ. Georgians do not eat grapes before the holiday, and the Slavs - apples. They still celebrate the national holiday - Apple saved, the day on which, according to popular belief, nature turns to the fall and winter. Slavs and Georgians believe that the nights after Transfiguration become cooler. According to the Macedonian legends, on the day of the Transfiguration the sky opens and it's possible to see God. And the Serbs believed that on that day "earth and sky transforms". 

Today, our expert is Lika Kartozia, gastronomic process manager of company “ICR”. Lika always decorates banquet tables in a special way. She will share her experience with us and give some useful tips.

"In Georgia, the festive table for Transformation is not possible to imagine without grapes and figs. For Slavs, based on the ancient traditions, the main fruit was an apple. Your table should adorn a variety of fruit, the more - the better. If you prefer pre-treated fruits, you can douse them with water with lemon so they do not blacken. In addition, a mandatory component of the festive table is boiled corn. It is advisable to beautifully arrange the table - use family dishes, beautiful candlesticks, and candles. Fruits perfectly match with semi-sweet, sweet and rosé wine. Turn the celebration of the Transfiguration into tradition and your feast into fruit holiday. "

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