Pickled onions

Pickled onion is one of the tastiest and simplest appetizer ever. It goes with greasy dishes, beans, salads, beer. Of course, it’s easier to buy them in store, but we’ve decided to share a homemade recipe.


2 kg. of small onion

1.5 glass of salt

8 glasses of white wine vinegar

10 pieces of black pepper seeds

4 laurel leafs

Put onions in a pan and pour with boiled water. Leave for 5 minutes, then dry, peel and trim roots and tops. Place in cold, salted water and leave overnight.

Dry onions with a paper towel. Pack them in sterilized jars with pepper and laurel leafs. Boil vinegar in an enamelware. Pour onions with vinegar and cover the lids of jars.

The onions will be ready to serve after 1 month. Keep jars in a dark place. 

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