Originally, corn was used by the Mexicans, Columbus has brought it to Europe and then it has extended to the whole world. Product consist lot’s of useful substances. It includes calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, nickel, copper, potassium, etc. Corn is rich in B, A, E, and PP vitamins. It contains 26 elements of the periodic table. Energy value of 100 grams of maize - 120 calories.

Maize is able to banish an excess cholesterol from the body. Since it can regulate the level of sugar in blood – maize is indispensable during diabetics. Corn is also useful during gastrointestinal diseases and atherosclerosis. Vitamins, consisting of maize also support hair and nails health.

Corn flour is one of the most fundamental ingredients of Georgian cuisine. Maize oil is also very popular, plus it has many health benefits. Georgians love cooked or grilled corn. Marinated corn grains are often used for various salads.


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