Bladdernut or Staphylea is a small genus, which has only 11 species. Two of them – Caucasian bladdernut and Regular bladdernut (Staphylea pinnata) grow in Georgia. First one in western Georgia, the second one in Kolkheti valley, Kartli, and Kakheti. Bladdernut grows as a small tree or bush, mostly in the streams and valleys.

Bladdernut oil is used in medicine while making a marinade out of this plant is a really common thing in Georgia. For 1 kg. marinade, except young bladdernut you will need just salt and cherry leaves.

Wash the plant, strain it, divide into several parts and make layers of bladdernut and salt in a jar. Press the filled jar, cover it first with cherry leaves and then with the lid. Keep bladdernut in a cool place for about one week. After this time your tastiest appetizer will be ready. 


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