Homemade Mayonnaise

Mayo is one of the most popular cold sauces. Supermarkets offer us a big great choice of the product, but as all of them are factory made, they all consist preservative, which is not healthy.

So we decided to offer you an easy recipe of tasty and healthy mayo.

For 500 grams you will need:

5 egg yolks

250ml. olive oil

1 tablespoon apple vinegar

1 tablespoon mustard

1 teaspoon sugar


Blend egg yolk, vinegar, mustard, salt and sugar until it will a thick texture. Gradually add oil in a very slow thin stream, whisking constantly, until mayonnaise is thick, about 8 minutes (mayonnaise will be lighter in color).  You can also add 2 tablespoons of boiled water and whisk mayo once again. This will make the product less greasy. Store in a sterilized jar in the fridge for up to one week.


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