Fruit Cake

We can argue a lot about how the birthday cake should be – chocolate or fruit, vanilla or caramel, with walnut or without, homemade or from pastry shop, but in hot summer days nothing compares to cold fruit cake.

 Summer has one great benefit – variation of all the tastiest fruits anyone can ever imagine. So, here is a very simple recipe of the tastiest fruit cake ever.

For the biscuit you will need - 5 eggs, 5 table spoons of sugar and flour. Mix egg white and sugar until it will become white, when add the egg yolk, the flour and mix it all once again. Bake the biscuit in oven. You will also need a bit of brandy or fruit liquor, to pour the already baked biscuit with it. Also, apply the light crème (recipe of which we have already published) and add fruits of your choice. Cool the cake in fridge for about 5 hours. 


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