Easter Egg Decorations

Adding aesthetic attractiveness to a huge religious meaning of red-dyed eggs is always a good idea. In Georgia, a traditional, natural method of dyeing eggs is based on madder’s quality to color things red!

Making interesting decorations to red-dyed eggs is slowly becoming a part of Easter table in Georgia. Like in Easter bread you can decorate eggs with white glaze. Dissolving in a confectionery decoration can easily turn it into a paint and you will be able to make ornaments on red eggs.

Using folk methods is also nostalgic in a way. It brings a special Easter feeling, reminds you of your grandmother, who was trying to add additional decorations to the Easter eggs together with you. For the nostalgic decoration, you will need a wooden stick and cotton, which you will soak in a vinegar and draw figures on the eggshells. You will need to repeat the drawing movement for few times, as vinegar is quite slow in removing color from the egg. Another folk method is to make ornaments on eggs by using leaves. Stick any type of leaf, e.g. a herbal leaf around an egg before placing the eggs in boiling madder, wrap it in cheesecloth and boil together with it. The part covered with leaf will be relatively lighter in colour.

Decorating eggs with gelatine is another interesting method. If you soak gelatine in water and then melt it on a low heat, it will become soft like glue and you'll have an absolute freedom of using your fantasy! You can draw ornaments, then roll eggs in coconut flakes or in edible glitter, or even glue pre-made decorations on eggs.

If the red eggs are not a must for you, use various food colouring! 



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