How to Decorate Paska - Georgian Easter Cake

Paska – Easter cake, famous, tasty and flavored.

One of the forerunners of Easter is its sweetish, sad flavour.

We have already provided you with different recipes for making paska. In order to make Easter table more beautiful and diverse, now it’s time to be more creative and think about the decorations!

Firstly, let's follow the expression - “greatness is in simplicity,” and in order to make paska tastier and beautiful, let's use chocolate glaze, which can be easily prepared at home. You will need sugar, cocoa, milk/water and butter. Mix ¾ teacup sugar with 2-3 tbsp. cocoa, add 5-6 tbsp. milk/water, 50 g butter and simmer on a low heat. Stir at the same time. You can also replace chocolate glaze with melted black chocolate. Pour the glaze over your paska and if preferred, sprinkle cocoa flakes or colourful sugar candies, before it dries or even succade.

You can also use white glaze to decorate a paska. It is made from egg white and sugar and vanilla for a flavour. Whisk egg white and vanilla and slowly add powdered sugar until it gets the desired thickness. Pour glaze over paska and decorate with colourful sugar candies.

You can use ornaments in both cases. They are easy to make using a cake decorator or come up with another creative solution.

Do not forget our traditional method of presenting paska. If you have already grown Easter grass, place paska in its centre, circle it with shiny red eggs and make your Easter table looking beautiful!


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