Wine in Culinary 

It's been centuries since people started using alcoholic beverages in culinary and apart from 

wine the list consists of vinegar, vodka, whisky, and cognac. 

The tradition spread from the Western Europe views wine and vinegar as any cook’s best 

friends.  Vinegar has the strongest ties with culinary as it was commonly used in ancient 

Greek kitchen under the name of “Oxus” for dressing various dishes. 

Wine is the most frequently used in French, Italian and Portuguese kitchens especially with meat 

and fish meals, while in Georgia wine is required for Chakapuli by its recipe. 

There are a good number of tasty sauces made out of wine. Moreover, meat soaked in wine 

results in the best texture possible. When cooking, wine penetrates into the product, spirit 

evaporates, but aroma stays in and helps to harmonize the tastes of the ingredients. 

It is believed that the quality of wine determines the taste of the dish and it’s actually true. If 

we aim for an ideal dish we have to moisture it with a high-quality alcohol. 

One more - meat marinated in wine and spices turn out divine. 

And, remember, dinners and desserts taste better with semi-sweet or sweet wines.


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