Flying trouts

If you have ever seen a group of red dotted knights crossing the river, the picture will stay in 

your mind forever. Trout - a Salmonidae family representative is a dweller of mountainous lakes 

and rivers. It loves cold, rich of oxygen water and its body is sprinkled with beautiful orange 

spots. Our Georgian trout feels comfortable in Sagamo, Paravani, Tabatskuri and Ritsa lakes of 


It is recognized as one of the most delicious fishes in the world. Number of trouts have drastically decreased in rivers and lakes and has now been brought into the Red Book. 

Specialists now work on saving the specie and increasing trout reproduction. 

Trout must be bred at the river outfall as the outfall water is always crystal clean and its water 

gets no inflows. Mountain rivers have the most delicious fish.  

Trout definitely has its say in the gastronomy. Georgian culinary is known for its delicious 

diversity but the trout stands on the highest perils even there. 

Would it be boiled or roasted, the trout is always dressed with various sauces. Lemon is its 

number one companion. Wine sauce is as close friend to trout as a pomegranate sauce. This 

sublime fish often gets stuffed even with walnuts. 

Trout also tastes good with a wide range of vegetables and fruits, like pine-apple, parsley, olives 

and salad leaves.


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