Svanetian Cuisine

The heaven of hospitality – Svaneti - preserves several recipes that are acclaimed as our national treasure. Svanetian culinary is known for its fatty and nourishing products.


Kubdari is the most known Svanetian dish. Dough wrapped pork and beef is a real festival of tastes, the secret of which lies in the alchemy of its spices. 


Quite some people think that Chvishtari is the Imeretian meal, while its genuine birthplace is Svanetian. Chvishtari is a mixture of water knead corn flour and thinly sliced cheese pieces baked in fat.


Letsvmari is a true happiness for every cheese affectionate. Cooks throw some crumbled cheese on a pan and let it melt, then adding some wheat flour and boiled butter and serve hot. Years ago a family which afforded Letsvmari meal was taken as wealthy. 


Lukne is Svanetian Khachapuri in which cheese is mixed with corn flour before wrapping it in the dough.


Nebri is a grainy product. People dry and grind boiled barley, wheat, and corn; then they knead it, mix with cheese and eat without baking.




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