His majesty the King of Cheese has been ruling the whole Georgia from Samegrelo kingdom.


It’s been quite some time that other nations dispute over the ownership of this cultural monument with us, but Sulguni inspires everyone not to let the provocation draw us in the dispute.


High quality Sulguni is exclusively made of cow or buffalo milk and you can even prepare it at home. For this, you will only need fresh salt-free cheese and water. Though, good cooks say that made this way, you’ll going to get a cheating Sulguni.


A genuine Megrelian Sulguni is made of milk instead of water and follows these rules: 


Pour some milk in Aluminum pot in a way to cover cheese pieces cut into two centimeters width. Warm the milk up to 90 degrees and add cheese pieces only after reaching this temperature. Knead the cheese in few minutes when it softens. Stir with a wooden spoon until the paste turns into a ropy mixture. Move the melted cheese into a salt-spread bowl and start kneading it. Flatten it with a spoon and fold its sides over towards the center. Repeat this procedure several times. As a result you’ll receive a sort of lovely tansy Sulguni. Place it into the salty water after four hours.


Preferably Sulguni should be cut only after 12 hours.





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