Cauliflower of the Mediterranean travelled through Europe to Russia and Caucasus in the 17th century. After its peaceful arrival to Georgia, it has conquered many housekeepers’ and healthy eaters’ hearts.


Cauliflower’s growing reputation has to be a merit of our developing closer ties with European nations.


This interestingly designed vegetable became Georgian foodies’ favorite only after we discovered its health benefits.


Unlikely to the ordinary cabbage, cauliflower is easy to digest and it’s broadly recommended for everyone despite age, sex and shoe size.


Cauliflower consists of a lot of minerals, including proteins, mineral salts and carbs and few less commonly known names such as Arginine, Lysine, and Cellulose.


Cauliflower is also rich with pectin and vitamins, Phosphorus, Sodium, calcium, and iron. In fact, the amount of iron in cauliflower twice overcomes its stock in paprika and salad leaves.

Energy value of 100g cauliflower is only 30 calories. It’s perfect for people suffering digestive system diseases.

When asked about its secret, the cauliflower said that the whole secret lies in its special structure.



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