Quince - a distant cousin to apple


 A distant cousin to apple – quince is always at your health service.  As a huge sun-affectionate it comes from southern countries and belongs to the family of Rosaceae.


Quince decoction is a genuine remedy for the digestive system and has been used against liver diseases since ancient times. Its plasters cure inflammation, while quince mask is a proven solution against facial blackheads. 


Mix up some grated quince porridge with scrambled egg whites and your perfect facial mask is ready. Apply the mixture for 20 minutes and wash down with cold water. 



Quince is rich with Calcium, Magnum and Potassium, acids of apple and lemon and much more goodness. It’s believed to be an antiseptic diuretic solution, as well as the remedy against hemorrhage.


Quince consists of huge amount of Potassium, and it’s beneficial for people suffering from hypertonia and cardio-vascular system malfunctions. It positively effects psychics, stimulates human organs and enhances your good moods.




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