Corn Flour


Georgian cuisine has found multiple functions to the corn flour. One of the major Georgian pastries – Mchadi - is made out of the premium quality corn flour.

Mchadi is particularly beloved in Western Georgia and the secret of its perfection lies in a good, high-quality flour.


Mchadi, also translated as a corn bread is baked out of corn flour and water on a steel or a clay pan. However, preparing Mchadi dough with Borjomi, soda, and milk is also quite a common practice.


Corn flour is an inseparable mate of Tatara – thickened grape juice dessert, even though corn is sometimes substituted with wheat flour. The consistency of this Georgian dessert much depends on the flour.

 Imeretian walnut Kharcho soup and Ghomi are also made of corn flour.

Ground corn is intensively used in cosmetology. A combination of corn flour and soda is a perfect solution for deep facial cleaning. Recommended frequency of applying the mixture is once in two weeks.



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