How to prepare a magic crème

Creme is the most required component of lots of desserts. It suits perfectly to the hot chocolate, cakes, fruits and much more… The most important thing is that it’s really easy to prepare.

Crème receipt with cream:
400 ml of 32% cream
3 table spoons of sugar
1 table spoon of vanilla

First of all, you need to cool the whisking bowl or place the bowl in the fridge for few minutes after pouring cream in it. Sugar powder has to be sifted as if the hardened sugar crystals get into the cream it’ll turn the final product into a foam.
Start whisking the cream quickly and slow down only when it’s thick enough. In case you whisk it less or unnecessarily much, the cream will stay thin in consistency.

You can even place the bowl on the ice when whisking. Adding sugar and vanilla is allowed only when the cream surface gets a little wavy.

Crème receipt with milk:
250gr of butter
200gr of sugar powder
100 ml milk
1 package of vanillaCooling the whisking bowl is recommended in this version too.

Boil the milk and let it cool down to the room temperature.  Mix all the ingredients up and whisk slowly for 5 minutes. If the cream consistency stays thin, then continue whisking. Slowly add vanilla and sugar powder towards the end.


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