Diversity of Adjara culinary

With the variety of its local food, Adjara takes a respectful place in the Georgian culinary. Its peculiarity has been determined with the local population’s high mountainous lifestyle. Adjarian receipts require almost equal amount of milk products, meat, and vegetables.


A statement dish of the Adjarian culinary is Adjarian Khachapuri. A legend tells that seaside Laz people shaped a dough like a boat and tossed an egg yolk in the middle of it as the symbol of the setting sun. Actually, the connection between the sun and the sea has never been so delicious.


Adjara has a wide range of cheese but the mountainous braided cheese is the most popular. Tasting that cheese, which is made using the unique technology promises to be an unforgettable experience for every foodie.

Borano - a boiled butter and cheese is one of the most popular  dishes of the Adjarian kitchen. The most favored version is this dish is made of corn flour and eggs. Borano is unbelievably nourishing.
Achma is many Georgians’ love-interest, but only a few know that it was born in high mountainous Adjara. The secret of its lightness lies in the number of boiled dough layers. Melted cheese and butter in the middle of the layers taste simply heavenly in your mouth.

Baklava dessert has one of the most difficult recipes in the Adjarian culinary. It starts with layering more than 60 plates of thin dough accompanied with thinly sliced walnuts and macadamia. Baking Baklava is no less important than preparing it. The triumphant ingredient to this desert is syrup, which abundantly moistures the rhomb-shaped dessert. It is the syrup, giving its special aroma to the Baklava cake.


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