New Year

Christmas and the New Year are the world's most loved holidays. People start preparing almost a month earlier as everybody buys presents, toys for Christmas tree, garlands and food. 


Every country has its own way of celebrating New Year. In European cultures people roast turkey or a goose for Christmas; they also bake ginger bread and cookies covered with colorful icing.


Italians make loads of sweets for Christmas including Christmas Penetone with cream, dried fruits or chocolate filling. This tradition counts centuries and is deeply rooted in Italy. The central piece of the Tuscan New Year's feast is Panforte – a confectionary made of almonds, dried fruits, citrus and honey. Pandora cake – a star like sweet bread with eight points are also popular in there. Pandolce – sugary pumpkin cake is traditional for Genoa kitchen and it's mostly given to the poor. 


Major New Year meals are made of pork in Germany. They also roast stuffed turkey and prepare Christmas Stollen as a dessert, which can be kept for long. German families also bake Christmas cookies.


Brits welcome Christmas with roasted turkey or goose and a traditional English pudding for a dessert.


Spain has a very diverse menu – they roast mutton, prepare seafood, nougat and poppy seeds cake.


French New Year menu is quite impressive. Foie gras, seafood, turkey stuffed with chestnut and Christmas roulette – it's only a short list of the French feast.


Chinese New Year celebration is a whole different thing. They prepare a good number of meals, among which Jiaodzi – sort of a steamed dumpling is an absolute must have. Sometimes people place a "lucky" coin in one of the dumplings and whoever finds it is believed to have a successful year.