Equipment for a beginner cook

Culinary is the kind of hobby that requires a constant practice and development. Often only

years of experience is not enough for cooking delicious food, as you also need proper 

equipment and utensils and knowing how to use them.  

Knife is the major instrument in the kitchen, which has to be of various sizes and shapes, sharp with a 

very good quality. We definitely can't chop without a comfortable board and it's better to have 

separate boards for meat, fish, and vegetables and to wash them thoroughly after using. We 

have to have various pots and pans for cooking and preserving meals, as for instance, it's better 

to cook in stainless steel pot and keep the meal in an enamel pot while stirring with wooden 

spoons and peels. 

Other must-haves are a measuring cup and scales. Scales are both mechanic and electric. For 

washing and draining the products, we need a good colander and bowls.

We have to have different graters for various products like vegetables, fruits, cheese, chocolate, 

nutmeg, etc. Mixer, blender, and chopper are very handy for multiple operations. A special board 

and a roller are also vital together with a sieve for sifting flour. 

It's better to use adjustable rings for baking cakes and deserts and metal or glass baking pans 

for pies and stuffed pastries. Silicon molds are good for muffins and cupcakes. 

We should also have special gloves made of thick clothes or silicon to avoid burning fingers and 

a good apron to save our clothes from splashes.